VMware Reference Card

I am currently preparing to take the VMware Certified Professional certification exam. While exploring online, I came across this great reference card. It can be a great reference for anyone […]

DAS vs. SAN in Exchange 2007

I have spent a lot of time recently investigating storage solutions as part of a migration design for Exchange 2007. The current implemented solution is a multi-node Exchange 2003 cluster […]

How frustrating Outlook 2007 RSS Feeds can be

I noticed that Outlook 2007 feeds were not updating for weeks and I had ignored the issue but now that I was missing on important feeds I started looking for […]

Please welcome…

Rob Brown. Who is Rob Brown? Rob is a seasoned IT professional with expertise in many IT infrastructure related technologies. He has years of experience in Messaging, Directory Services and […]

Work-Life Balance

What is Work-Life Balance? A new HR buzz word? What does it mean to you? Avoid longer commute? Work from home? Work flexible schedules? You can read some interesting facts […]

Brains behind the beauty

I always liked looks of the old scripture pages but I never imagined I will have my website look like one. I never had the skills to design a web […]

Change is inevitable…

If you have been to my blog before, you will notice a lot has changed!