I am a curious propeller head at heart, always learning, always looking for opportunities to help people around me. For my career of more than 25 years, I have worked with technology mostly on Microsoft technologies, platforms and Microsoft cloud offerings including Office 365, Power Platform and Microsoft Azure.

Currently, I work at Microsoft as a Customer Success Manager, helping customers achieve business value through their investment in Microsoft offerings. In my customer engagements, I utilize my broad skill set ranging from value discovery and value realization through business driven outcomes, adoption and change management with people side of change, and bridging gaps through pragmatic approaches using tactical and long-term solutioning for the end state.

When not working, I read, write (I’ve written books on Microsoft Exchange and Skype for Business), engage with community through LinkedIn, local user groups and internet forums. I also author courses on LinkedIn learning when time permits.

For fun, I spend time on trails either running or mountain biking on off-road trails, I play chess online and Halo on PC/Xbox, and I am also learning how to fly sailplanes, leading up to private pilot license at some point in near future!



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A glimpse of the future!

Thank you all who have been a supporter of my blog! Today, I present you with a modern design that accounts for better navigation, aesthetics, responsive design, and better readability. You will see more posts from me going forward sharing my learnings once again. I’m excited! How about you?

Launching my chess channel

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