Error: 0x800f0906 Adding GUI features on Windows Server 2012 Core

I have always preferred to have least amount of overhead possible when running Server workloads. For the same reason my Hyper-V lab infrastructure is configured to run Windows Server 2012 […]

VAMT unable to connect to wmi service on remote machine

If you are Microsoft’s volume license customer or an MSDN subscriber, the question of tracking usage of your volume license activation may have surfaced. You may already know what Volume […]

Enterprise Root CA Web Enrollment – RTFM, but what if I didn’t?

I was building Enterprise Root CA in my lab and was in rush so ofcourse, I did not read the fabulous manual and went forward with installing the Enterprise Root […]

How to prepare USB media for Windows 7 installation

I have blogged earlier about creating a USB media for Windows 7 Installation. I recently found out, there is a better way! Microsoft Store guys have Windows 7 USB/DVD Download […]

Install Windows 7 from Bootable USB Drive

If you ever wondered how can you make your Windows 7 installation process faster or more convenient (in my case convenient as I don’t have a DVD drive in my […]

Exctrlst.exe – The case of missing Performance Coutners

Recently I wrote about how to fix Corrupt of Missing Performance Coutners on a Windows Server. If you read the KB Article mentioned, it may sound complicated. One of the […]

Corrupt or Missing Performance Counters

One of the functions in the code I posted in “Check Exchange 2003 vitals with PowerShell” is to check performance counters. When running the script, you may encounter an error: […]

What information do you collect anyway (Microsoft Privacy Policy)

As I was browsing away, my IE crashed. Vista then asked me if I wanted to send collected data to Microsoft. I said yes. This is when I started thinking […]