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Azure VPN behind NAT on the cheap

Posted by in Azure, Cloud, Firewall

I have been working on Azure Infrastructure Services since it was in preview release. One of the requirements I was working with was hybrid scenario where VPN between on-premises servers and Azure VMs was essential. Since I was doing all the required testing in my lab at home office, I did not have infrastructure you would usually find in corporate datacenters. I didn’t have a need to buy expensive routers and servers for testing I was doing. Looking at Azure VPN requirements, you will notice that Windows RRAS is one…read more

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VAMT unable to connect to wmi service on remote machine

Posted by in Firewall, PowerShell, Windows Server

If you are Microsoft’s volume license customer or an MSDN subscriber, the question of tracking usage of your volume license activation may have surfaced. You may already know what Volume Activation Management Tool (VAMT) is. If you aren’t, you can read more about it here.   Since I often build and rebuild my lab VMs, I keep track of my licenses using VAMT 3.0. Today, I built a new physical server that is going to be a Hyper-V host within my lab infrastructure. I chose to build it with minimal…read more

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Test-CsGroupIm operation has timed out

Posted by in Firewall, Lync 2010, Lync Server

Yet another one of those interesting discoveries that took most of my afternoon to figure out. What I was trying this time was synthetic test cmdlets available to test different workloads in Lync Server 2010. I was testing IM conferencing. I had two users in this scenarios homed on different pools. I was trying to make sure everything is configured correctly and the users in this test can initiate an IM conference and invite other users. First I tried using Test-CsGroupIM and Test-CsAVConference cmdlets against user’s home pool, using the…read more

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Automatic collection of configuration data failed

Posted by in Firewall, Lync 2010, Lync Server

As I was building my Lync 2010 lab today, I came across an interesting problem. I am calling it interesting because I had already installed two front-end servers which were going to be in an enterprise pool. Now was the time to install SE in simulated multi-site environment. As I started the install and started step 1 – “Install Local Configuration Store”, I clicked “next” to retrieve topology from CMS as the SE was on a routed subnet that was able to connect to FEs in different AD Site. The…read more

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