Why should I use /PAE on my Exchange 2003 servers?

Many times I come across the configurations where the servers physically have 4GB memory installed but OS does not see it all. OS usually reports between 512 to 768 MB […]

Free System Page Table Entries in Exchange 2003

When troubleshooting performance of Exchange 2003, most overlooked performance counter is Free System PTEs. Very simply put PTE is basically an I/O partition table. Why is PTE important? If a […]

Fully Recovered

After post migration failures, the blog suffered severe outage and loss of data. I was able to recover the data and functionality after many sleepless nights. The site is finally […]

Error c10308a2 when remotely adding e-mail address to users

We encountered an error today at my client site. When an administrator tried to add an e-mail address to mail-enabled user from their workstation using Active Directory Users and Computers, […]

Back-Off now, will ya?!

It is well known that an Outlook client sending too many RPC connections per second could result in overall Exchange server performance degradation. It could be a desktop search engine, […]

What information do you collect anyway (Microsoft Privacy Policy)

As I was browsing away, my IE crashed. Vista then asked me if I wanted to send collected data to Microsoft. I said yes. This is when I started thinking […]