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Step-by-Step Configure DHCP Failover with 2012 R2 – Part 2

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In Part 1, I provided with walk through of how to install DHCP and configure scope on your newly installed DHCP server. In this post, we are going to setup failover between two servers. I am assuming that two DHCP servers are installed and a scope is configure already. So let’s go ahead and configure failover for given scope: In the resulting dialog, you can either select all scopes that exist or select scopes you want to provide failover for: On next page, you need to provide partner server. This…read more


Step-by-Step Configure DHCP Failover with 2012 R2 – Part 1

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Many times in my past years of IT, I wanted to have DHCP load balancing and high availability. It was possible by creating non-overlapping scopes etc. but that was all manual labor of making sure you don’t have overlap and all the headache that comes with careful planning and monitoring. the other option was to create clustered DHCP service. Well, that was convoluted too! Not sure why, but I always disliked the idea of having to maintain two machines with shared storage and other requirements. That’s why I liked how Exchange 2010…read more