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What does Heartbleed vulnerability mean to you

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A lot has been said lately of Heartbleed since its announcement few days ago. However, as it goes with overload of information at times, media attention has managed to create mass confusion and hysteria on this topic. Hopefully this post will help answer some of your questions. Let’s try to break it down The Vulnerability The issue stems from a bug in OpenSSL’s implementation of TLS heartbeat extensions. While trying to optimize use of resources when decrypting/encrypting SSL traffic, programming mistake is claimed to have created this vulnerability. Such is…read more


Microsoft ends AOL AIM Connectivity

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UPDATE: The article was written with limited context I have from Microsoft notification in my email. What I have learned is that it wasn’t Microsoft’s decision but AOL’s to stop connecting to Microsoft’s PIC clearninghouse! Either way, the spirit of article stays the same. Special thanks to Keith Hanna for pointing out facts and add context to this information. For those of you who use Microsot Lync server’s Public IM Connectivity (PIC) to connect your users with AIM, it’s time to take notice. Microsoft announced today in an email to…read more


Microsoft kills Microsoft Certified Solutions Master (MCM/MCSM)

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What could be worse than a sneaky email, stealthily dropped into your mailbox at 1AM Saturday morning if you are in Eastern Time zone in USA, letting you know that the intense training you attended literally a week ago, the joy of passing that grueling written exam hasn’t yet faded, the fear of facing day long mortifying qualification lab is still fresh in many minds, has all been in vain! That the program is no more. That Microsoft has decided to end the program and “will continue to evaluate the…read more