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Benefits of using Outlook 2007 with Exchange 2007

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I get asked many times why should one switch to Outlook 2007 from Outlook 2003 when using it with Exchange 2007 platform. I understand the reason as besides the obvious “it’s the latest and greatest” it’s not enough reason for an Enterprise environment to upgrade. Considering effort involved in upgrade, it could take long time to plan, test and upgrade all Outlook clients. The information is published many times as to why Outlook 2007 is better choice and why the effort to upgrade is worth every penny. What I am…read more


How frustrating Outlook 2007 RSS Feeds can be

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I noticed that Outlook 2007 feeds were not updating for weeks and I had ignored the issue but now that I was missing on important feeds I started looking for solution. First thing I did was to remove all feeds from Outlook, but I could have tried to fix it instead. I found this article on Realtime Windows Server blog. Now that I was ahead, I had to find something else. Now how do I import IE feeds back in Outlook? It started getting frustrating to find where IE stores…read more