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Exchange 2007 DAS or SAN? Discussion goes on…

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I have read about it in many places and my friend Rob actually posted once here about it. Should I use SAN for my Exchange 2007? Will DAS save me money? What about performance? How do I manage storage silos? Troubleshooting complexities in SAN deployments… many questions and many views, but rarely an answer. There is a reason for it. One cannot definitively answer this question. There are collaterals published by both Microsoft and Storage vendors. Each for obvious reasons promoting different solution. Microsoft IT published a whitepaper that discussed…read more


DAS vs. SAN in Exchange 2007

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I have spent a lot of time recently investigating storage solutions as part of a migration design for Exchange 2007. The current implemented solution is a multi-node Exchange 2003 cluster with SAN based storage (No HA/DR). With Exchange 2007 the desire is to deploy a  CCR/SCR solution to allow for data redundancy, disaster recovery, and site resiliency. The toughest decision that I have been faced with (given that I am not a storage guru) is in storage design. Should it be a DAS or SAN based solution? Each has benefits…read more