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Exchange 2013 Setup – Client Access server role readiness check fails

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When installing Exchange 2013 servers in complex lab scenario, I decided to separate Mailbox and Client Access server roles to dedicated servers running Windows Server 2012. I installed Mailbox server role first and then proceeded to install Client Access role. Since Mailbox server role installed fine using setup UI and required windows components installed (since I had the option checked in the wizard, I did have to install office filter packs and UCMA manually), I decided to trust the setup wizard to install windows components for CAS role for me….read more


Exchange 2007 Setup Error: Setup Cannot use Domain Controller…

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On one of my tests I was trying to add Hub role to a server that already had Mailbox role installed. When I started the setup, I got an error and pre-requisite check failed with error “Setup cannot use domain controller ‘’ because an override is set in the registry.” I then tried to run setup with “/domaincontroller” which failed with same error as well. It was interesting. What could be causing this issue? I remembered that few minutes ago I had run command: Set-ExchangeServer -Identity exch1 -StaticExcludedDomainControllers…read more