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Corrupt or Missing Performance Counters

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One of the functions in the code I posted in “Check Exchange 2003 vitals with PowerShell” is to check performance counters. When running the script, you may encounter an error: Get-WmiObject : Invalid Class   This could happen for 2 reasons: 1: You have a typo in Perf Counter object. 2: The performance counter is missing on the host you are checking.   When this happened to me, I checked and verified this by loading performance monitor on affected server and trying to load Memory counters which the code was…read more


What information do you collect anyway (Microsoft Privacy Policy)

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As I was browsing away, my IE crashed. Vista then asked me if I wanted to send collected data to Microsoft. I said yes. This is when I started thinking what information is being collected from my computer and how is it used. A quick search resulted in a pleasant surprise. The surprise was how much information is published about each feature of Vista, what information it collects, processes and transmits. How the information is used by Microsoft and what choices users have. If you are an Enterprise administrator and…read more