What is Work-Life Balance? A new HR buzz word?

What does it mean to you? Avoid longer commute? Work from home? Work flexible schedules?

You can read some interesting facts at Wikipedia link above.

At Microsoft, we are reminded to think about our Work-Life blend and prioritize work to limit interruptions and its ripple effects. It means keeping realistic workloads, taking a proactive approach and when reactive or crisis-centered events prolong the workday, utilizing the vast knowledge and resources from within the company.

When one of my colleagues asked for help for few hours this week with his customer, I was happy to take the opportunity and do what I can. I am sure this helped out my colleague when he needed it and I know I have the same support from entire PFE community if I ever need.

This is what I like about working at company like Microsoft who really provide the resources to achieve the balance you need to make your life complete. It can mean that extra hour you can spend at your kid’s game or take your wife out to that Broadway show. Or it can simply mean stay home and do nothing for people like me.

Quote of the day:
No man needs a vacation so much as the man who has just had one. – Elbert Hubbard