I just came to know that I am a “Charter Member” of MCITP: Enterprise Messaging Administrator 2010. It is interesting because I took exams when they were in Beta stage and knew I would be one of the first few, however, when I got certificate from MCP site right after getting certified, it did not who me as Charter Member. I did not really bother wondering why or email MCP team. However, today when I saw someone else posting about it, I was curious so I headed to MCP site and checked again. To my surprise, the Certificate download tool now listed me as Charter Member! Interesting but not surprising. It’s always good to know I got that special designation.

There are different views about what a Charter Member is. Some suggest it is first 5000 who get certified and the MCP site suggests differently. I am going to quote what I consider an authoritative resource: Microsoft Learning Site.

As per the site:

“Charter Members are the pioneering group of individuals who achieve a certification shortly after the certification becomes available. When a Charter Member certification is offered, it is available to candidates who achieve the new certification within six months after the certification exam is released. Charter Members are recognized by receiving the Charter version of the certificate.”

But hey, either way, I am a Charter Member. Hurray! 🙂