Yes it has been few very interestingly busy weeks. Unusual for amount of travel I have been doing. Being dedicated PFE, I am not required to travel this much. But since it’s all for a good cause, I can’t complain.

It was an interesting trip because besides my customer, I went to train my fellow PFEs for a week. Delivering world class training, making them Rockstars in Exchange 2010. Now as you can imagine, every PFE hired is already well versed in Exchange 2010 and you  may be wondering, what is this training going to do for them. Glad you asked. Think of this internal PFE only training as mini MCM. The training is supposed to be intense, deep and demanding. No spoon feeding, no step by step instructions. Training it is even more demanding because you need to know your stuff AND be able to put it in a consumable form so students understand the content.

After that week, I went to Tech-Ed 2011. I had pleasure representing MCM group. It was fun talking to a lot of attendees about MCM, what the certification and program is all about, why it is different from MCITP certification and what value it brings. I also talked about new changes recently announced with regards to Exchange 2010 MCM program. If you haven’t had a chance to look at it, go ahead and read the details as well as FAQ section. It is fairly detailed.

Like that wasn’t enough fun, I also presented a best practices drive-thru session on  Exchange 2010 Autodiscover. It was well received. I’m not saying that, the surveys are. I got 99% responses 8 or 9 out of 9 point scale. Now that’s something to be very happy about. If you are interested, since it wasn’t recorded, I am planning to create a recorded version of it sans the interactive fun and giveaways in coming days. I will publish it here so you can enjoy some autodiscover goodness and hopefully benefit from it. Stay tuned.

And to top off my trip, I finished my 70-665 exam satisfying the requirement for MCITP: Lync Server Administrator for Lync 2010. I am now one of those few who are part of elite charter club! If you don’t know what a Charter Member is, read more here:

Oh and this one thing I can’t forget… I learned the difference between “Y’all” and “All A’all”. If you don’t know the difference either, read this wiki article.

Were you looking for some technical stuff on my blog? Now you have a reason to look forward to tomorrow’s post. I have it published already somewhere else but if you haven’t caught up on it, you can read it here tomorrow. hope to see you soon.

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