Did you ever wanted to modify your registry or add a key/value pair to registry? Wished there was a script to help you do that? Even better, wished it can run remotely without PowerShell WinRM listener configured on target server?

I had custom script that would modify certain registry entry but it was inflexible and in my recent rewrite of another script, I wanted more flexibility. So out of necessity, I decided to rewrite my registry script  and made it independent script with lot of flexibility.

Using this script, you can now run it like this:

.\Set-RemoteRegistry.ps1 -Key SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\AudioSrv\Parameters -Name ServiceDllUnloadOnStop -Value 1 -Type DWord

If you want to suppress prompts, you can use –Force parameter like this:

.\Set-RemoteRegistry.ps1 -Key SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\AudioSrv\Parameters -Name ServiceDllUnloadOnStop -Value 0 -Type DWord –Force

This script is also a good example of cmdletbinding and support of whatif. I still think use of Whatif in scripts has its limitations as apprarent in this script (without adding more code to it to work around that limitation).

The script is also a good example of how you can use parameter validation right in the parameter declaration. This way you can avoid if..then code blocks to validate parameter inputs. What a wonderful discovery, I gotta thank PowerShell team for this.

So go ahead, get the script Set-RemoteRegistry.ps1 here and if you find any issues, let me know. Have Fun!

Originally posted at http://blogs.technet.com/bshukla