No it’s not a test post, and no it’s not a mistake!

I find myself prototyping documents at times when I need to fill them and I’m sure most of you have seen the Lorem ipsum paragraph showing up in documents. What I know but can’t remember when I need it, is how Microsoft Word provides an easy way to insert either Lorem ipsum text in your document or even random paragraph that contains readable text.

For reference, Microsoft article explains different methods that you can read about here: “How to insert sample text into a document in Word

But for my own quick reference, and for your reading pleasure… I’ll also write it down here.

To insert Lorem ipsum paragraph in your document, you can simply type “=lorem()” (without quotes) and press enter. Word knows what to do and you will be happy to have your document filled with lorem ipsum paragraph. If you want to control how many paragraphs you want and how many lines per paragraph, you can control using “=lorem(1,10)“. In this example, 1 is number of paragraph I need and 10 is number of lines I need in the paragraph.

Same logic applies to “=rand()“. the only difference here is this function fills the document with legible paragraphs containing text that flows logically and is readable, unlike Lorem ipsum!

So there you have it! I’m sure I’ll be coming back to this article more often when I need some random text for my dummy documents!

As one of the readers points out, this behavior doesn’t reflect in Word online. Unfortunately. Will Microsoft change it? Who knows!