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Cortana, “You’re Fired”!

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I love the intelligence Cortana adds to assist you with your daily tasks, whether you are a Windows 10 user or a phone user (Windows, Android, iPhone). It has been good at things, but not always. And I found myself not relying on it so much as I was when I had Windows Phone. Partly because I prefer native tools where they work. However, the areas of personal assistance weren’t perfect whichever tools you use. Especially for the workflow I rely on. For an example, when I book a flight,…read more


Office 365 subscribers – How to install Lync or Skype for Business client on a Mac

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I needed to work on a problem with Outlook for Mac not being able to sustain connection to on-premise Exchange 2013 server. Being used to the install process on PC, I headed over to my Office365 login via Upon logging in, I clicked on “Office 365” and then clicked “On a PC or Mac: Install” option: Note: You need Office subscription that includes full Office install in order to see “install” option I mentioned above. I was then presented with the page allowing me to manage my existing installs…read more