If Retention Tags weren’t confusing…

UPDATE: Please read updated guidance due to changes introduced in SP2 RU4 here: http://blogs.technet.com/b/exchange/archive/2012/08/14/calendar-and-tasks-retention-tag-support-in-exchange-2010-sp2-ru4.aspx. It specifically addresses Calendar items and tasks. I wouldn’t be talking about it today! When the […]

Exchange Management Shell Error 500 – Internal Server Error

I have come across this issue enough times that even if it is documented on TechNet it deserves mention here. When you launch Exchange Management Shell or try to connect […]

Certificate revocation checked failed

Recently I came across a CAS server that was rebuilt. Think of it as a new server you are introducing in your environment.   Everything looked good except certificate that […]

RBAC and Principle of Least Privilege

Exchange 2010 introduced RBAC as a mechanism to manage access to administrative tasks at granular level which was not possible in previous versions of Exchange. While you may know how […]

New pre-requisites for Exchange 2010 Service Pack 2 and CAS Role

With release of Service Pack 2 for Exchange Server 2010, you gain few new features such as Cross-Site Silent Redirection for OWA, Address Book Policies, Mailbox Auto-Mapping and few other […]

Script to configure static ports on Exchange Server 2010

There is nothing new about this. If you have been reading about Exchange Server 2010 or have it deployed with hardware load balancer, chances are, you have read how to […]