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Microsoft ends AOL AIM Connectivity

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UPDATE: The article was written with limited context I have from Microsoft notification in my email. What I have learned is that it wasn’t Microsoft’s decision but AOL’s to stop connecting to Microsoft’s PIC clearninghouse! Either way, the spirit of article stays the same. Special thanks to Keith Hanna for pointing out facts and add context to this information. For those of you who use Microsot Lync server’s Public IM Connectivity (PIC) to connect your users with AIM, it’s time to take notice. Microsoft announced today in an email to…read more


How to load balance Office Web Apps Server 2013 farm

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In my previous post, I showed how to create an Office Web Apps Server 2013 farm. Since I can’t leave you hanging, I am going to show you the next step of setting up a load balancer for the same. I assume you have created DNS entry for and pointed it to virtual service you are about to create on your load balancer. Ofcourse, I am going to show only KEMP load balancer setup, but I trust your intelligence and ability to translate this for other load balancer you…read more


How to setup Office Web Apps Server 2013 farm

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If you are deploying Lync Server 2013 and want to present Powerpoint presentations in Web Conferencing, Office Web Apps Server is a requirement. Most references I found talks about deploying a single server, however, I wanted to deploy redundant setup. In today’s post, I’m going to show you how to setup the farm. The assumption here is that you have already run Office Web Apps Server setup. The Office Web Apps Server setup is relatively straight forward next, next, finish type. All configuration must be done after setup is complete….read more


Understanding Push Notifications for Lync 2013 Mobility

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With release of Lync 2013, Cummulative Update in February 2013, Microsoft enabled Lync 2013 deployments to serve mobile users. Release of mobile clients for Windows Phone 8, Apple iPhone/iPad and Android devices completes the solution as a whole. Setting up mobility for a pure Lync 2013 environment (I am not going to cover Lync 2010 co-existence today), is relatively straight forward process. You can refer to “Deployment Process for Mobility” for more details. Configuring push notification, however, turned out to be a bit of challenge for me. Not necessarily because…read more


MVP Webinar: Load Balancing Lync 2010 & 2013 in the Real World

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UPDATE: KEMP Technologies has posted video recording of webinar which can be accessed here: Slide Deck is available here:KEMP Lync Webinar Kemp Technologies is hosting a complimentary webinar on November 8 where we will be discussing Load Balancing for Lync 2010 and 2013. I have included details about webinar below. You can signup using provided link below. Hope to see you there! Learn about Load Balancing Microsoft Lync including real world examples from our panel of Lync experts: Alex Lewis principal consultant at Modality Systems and the author of…read more


Lync Server Control Panel 401.1 Unauthorized

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I was working away in my lab and had recently configured Enterprise Edition pool with first server in the pool running Lync Control Panel. I launched Lync Control Panel to make few changes only to find out it kept asking me for username and password. After multiple tries, I got “401.1 Unauthorized” page telling me I was unauthorized to access cscp! I verified username and password I was using and it was correct. The URL Lync Control Panel displayed was also correct. I had also run bootstrapper after verifying published…read more


Test-CsGroupIm operation has timed out

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Yet another one of those interesting discoveries that took most of my afternoon to figure out. What I was trying this time was synthetic test cmdlets available to test different workloads in Lync Server 2010. I was testing IM conferencing. I had two users in this scenarios homed on different pools. I was trying to make sure everything is configured correctly and the users in this test can initiate an IM conference and invite other users. First I tried using Test-CsGroupIM and Test-CsAVConference cmdlets against user’s home pool, using the…read more


Automatic collection of configuration data failed

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As I was building my Lync 2010 lab today, I came across an interesting problem. I am calling it interesting because I had already installed two front-end servers which were going to be in an enterprise pool. Now was the time to install SE in simulated multi-site environment. As I started the install and started step 1 – “Install Local Configuration Store”, I clicked “next” to retrieve topology from CMS as the SE was on a routed subnet that was able to connect to FEs in different AD Site. The…read more