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Cloud storage for consumers – Is yours a backup or a replica?

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As I was going along my day, a tweet from one of my friends popped up on twitter. He has just lost a very important 23 page document to SkyDrive snafu. I am sure he invested good amount of time and effort producing it too. Without going into what caused the issue and who was at fault (which I don’t know and don’t need to), I want to discuss along more philosophical fundamentals. I have lost work to bad drives, dead laptops and workplace technology failures. I know how difficult…read more


Logs not truncated after VSS Backup in Exchange 2007 SP2 or Exchange 2010

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Release of Exchange 2007 SP2 brought much awaited feature – VSS Backups! This was exciting. You were now able to take Exchange Server Backups on Windows Server 2008 without third-party backup software. That was until after you ran your first backup, or a few more if you weren’t watching! That is when you noticed that the backups have not failed but the transactions logs did not truncate either! What could go wrong with Exchange? Why is it not truncating logs? The backups have not failed. Trust me, there is nothing…read more