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How to link your MSDN benefits to Azure portal

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As I am finding out, to be able to submit a support request from Azure portal, you are required to select Issue Type, Subscription and Support Plan. In my case, Support Plan drop down didn’t have anything I can use as I haven’t linked any existing benefits yet. If your Azure subscription is enabled as a part of your MSDN benefits, you need to first check if your subscription is eligible for technical support incidents, you will see an item on your subscription benefits page when you log on to…read more


New Podcast from RunAs Radio

Posted by in Exchange 2010, Upgrade

Recently, I had privilege of talking to Richard and Greg from RunAs radio. We discussed the features of the newly released Exchange 2010 and why businesses still running Exchange 2003 should jump right to the latest version and skip 2007 entirely. I am sure the listeners will benefit from it. You can download the podcast from Comments welcome.