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Would you like an open proxy with your firewall?

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UPDATED 5/8/2014: Cisco/Meraki has updated their documentation to state that a separate firewall is needed to protect MX firewall configured in passthrough mode. However, their document still fails to state that enabling web caching in passthrough mode will make it an open web proxy. When I started working on our datacenter project, we had to decide what hardware we will use for network requirements, including which firewall to use for our needs. Given my previous experience with Cisco PIX and reputation of Cisco in networking world, I decided to go…read more


Send a Tweet from PowerShell

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While I chose to keep this article here for archiving, Please note that this doesn’t work anymore. Twitter API has since changed and what used to work, doesn’t anymore. I was reading Shay’s article on how to send direct messages on twitter using PowerShell when I couldn’t resist but find a way to send normal tweets from PowerShell. While trying to do that, I also incorporated security so that your transmission is secure and so is your input. Here’s the code: function Send-Tweet($Message,$UserName) { if ($Message -eq $null) {$Message =…read more