Exchange 2010 New and Improved Features

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Exchange Server 2010 comes with host of new features and improved functionality that makes the product even better.

In this post, I am going to list new and improved features. In interest of keeping the post manageable, I have included lot more details in attached word file. Attached Excel file also provides a tabular form to compare Exchange 2010 to previous versions.

Download Word Document – Exchange 2010 – New and Improved Features

Download Excel Document – Exchange 2010 – Feature Comparison

Outlook WebApp (OWA)
-Conversation View
-Multiple Browser Support
-Single Page of Messages
-Nickname Cache
-View/Set Status
-Instant Messaging
-View Shared Calendar and Contacts
-SMS Sync

-New Permissions Functionality
-Remote administration
-RBAC integration
-Administrator audit logging
-Exchange Control Panel

High Availability and Site Resiliency
-Mailbox Resiliency
-High Availability
-Incremental Deployment

Transport and Routing
-Shadow Redundancy
-Moderated Transport
-End-to-End Message Tracking
-Latency Management

Mailbox and Recipient
-Calendar Repair Assistant
-Online Mailbox Moves
-Moderated Distribution Groups
-Personal Archive

Messaging Policy and Compliance
-Multi-Mailbox Search
-Legal Hold
-Messaging Records Management

Core Store Functionality
-Store Schema Changes
-Database Management
-Larger and Sequiential I/O
-Larger Page Size
-Coalesced I/O
-Online Defragmentation

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