Who is a PFE?

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Have you ever wondered what kind of animal a PFE is?

If you are a Microsoft Premier customer and have a dedicated PFE, you know exactly what I am talking about. If you are a Microsoft Premier customer and don’t have a dedicated PFE, you may have come across a PFE once in a while and may know a little about them. If you are not a Microsoft Premier customer and have never heard of a PFE, this post is for you!

There are many times I have met people outside of Microsoft who knows a lot about Microsoft but when I tell them I am a Premier Field Engineer a.k.a. PFE, I lose them. I end up explaining what a PFE is.

I recently ran into Mr. Proactive who with very noble intent started mrproactive.com. In the first post he talks about what a PFE is and what it is all about.

Still with me? So while you may have expected that I will go on and talk about the same details here, it wouldn’t make sense if I did would it? So instead of reinventing what Mr. Proactive already did, I am going to instead ask you to read this article on mrproactive.com.

Questions/Concerns/Comments? Ask Mr. Proactive, that’s what he is there for! Smile

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