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A glimpse of the future!

Thank you all who have been a supporter of my blog! Today, I present you with a modern design that accounts for better navigation, aesthetics, responsive design, and better readability. You will see more posts from me going forward sharing my learnings once again. I’m excited! How about you?

Introducing LoadMaster for Windows Azure

As an individual responsible for product research, it is part of my job to be on the lookout for developing trends and new opportunities where our products can deliver value. […]

New Beginning (aka Leaving Microsoft)

For those of you who followed my blog on TechNet may already have know the news and you can tune me out… or should you? If you are only following […]

Stories of Autism

As I started taking interest in photography, I came in contact with professionals who I can learn a bit from. While doing this, I was recently introduced to Stories of […]

Every good thing must come to an end…

And before you get a shock from the title, let me clarify, all I am talking about is PowerShell Scripting Games 2011. I had a privilege of being one of […]

Who is a PFE?

Have you ever wondered what kind of animal a PFE is? If you are a Microsoft Premier customer and have a dedicated PFE, you know exactly what I am talking […]

Disaster Recovery

As many may have noticed already, my site had been unavailable for days. I was able to finally move to a better host, and recover content from backups. I however […]

Philadelphia Area Exchange Server User Group Announced

I announced Philadelphia Area Exchange Server User Group at The New Efficiency launch event in Philadelphia. The User Group is open to any IT Professional who is involved in Architecting/Designing, […]

Exchange Server 2010 Release Candidate Announced

I have been waiting for this day. I am sure some of you were too! The Release Candidate for Exchange Server 2010 has been announced and is available for download […]

Exchange 2007 PowerShell Scripts – What would you like to script?

I am always thinking about how can I script/automate tasks I have to do repeatedly or I see others ask for. I would like to go a step beyond. I […]