And before you get a shock from the title, let me clarify, all I am talking about is PowerShell Scripting Games 2011.

I had a privilege of being one of the judges this year and I know I haven’t done it enough justice. I was planning to be a lot more active rating scripts as they rolled in. I have been planning to be a lot more involved in spreading wealth of knowledge, while not as much as the scripting guys do, but as much as I can from what I know. I have been planning to….

And as we all know, life sometimes isn’t what we plan and doesn’t have to cooperate with what we want to do. As long as you enjoy what comes your way which is what I did. No excuses , no regrets.

The only thing I want to mention though is for those scripts that I did rate, I commented every single one of them and hopefully the authors understands why I rated them the way I did. My intention was to be fair, clear and thorough. I hopefully have done it well. Quality over quantity. Always something I have believed in.

I also want to mention the amazing response we have got this year. I wouldn’t quote the number but I know way too many scripts that we expected (or compared to last year) for 20 events (10 beginner and 10 advanced). This is simply great! It shows how valuable scripting is in today’s world and how many people are actively doing something about addressing real world problems by using scripts and automation.

I want to thank The Scripting Guys for amazing work they do and organizing such an event. Doing it every year must take a toll on them and being a judge isn’t even a drop in their bucket. I just hope I have been a little bit of help for all you had to do for this event.

With that, I want to sign off as tomorrow is another day full of challenges as day without challenges would really be boring.

Oh and if I put you in shock with the title of this post, I am going to bed and hopefully there wasn’t anything in this post that would cause you to stay in shock, except the obvious awesomeness of PowerShell, scripting and automation!

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