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Exchange Team Blog Mobile and PowerShell Error Handling

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I admit the two topics don’t have anything in common except both has something to do with me. That’s why they are both being talked about in same post! So If you haven’t caught up on this yet, I created a Windows Phone App for the Exchange Team Blog. I am trying to ramp up on little bit of WP7 programming so I can create some apps for my use and possibly to publish it on marketplace for others to benefit from it. What could be better than creating one…read more


Every good thing must come to an end…

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And before you get a shock from the title, let me clarify, all I am talking about is PowerShell Scripting Games 2011. I had a privilege of being one of the judges this year and I know I haven’t done it enough justice. I was planning to be a lot more active rating scripts as they rolled in. I have been planning to be a lot more involved in spreading wealth of knowledge, while not as much as the scripting guys do, but as much as I can from what…read more