I admit the two topics don’t have anything in common except both has something to do with me. That’s why they are both being talked about in same post!

So If you haven’t caught up on this yet, I created a Windows Phone App for the Exchange Team Blog. I am trying to ramp up on little bit of WP7 programming so I can create some apps for my use and possibly to publish it on marketplace for others to benefit from it. What could be better than creating one for my favorite blog? You can read more about the announcement and link to the app here. Feel free to leave feedback there or here and I will respond as time allows.

On the next topic. When I was rating scripts in 2011 Scripting Games, I noticed one common thread in almost all beginner scripts. They all were missing error handling. There was no regard to user experience or tendency to handle errors so that the script has greater chance to succeed and when it doesn’t, use has better information on what went wrong. I discussed this with Ed Wilson (That’s “The Scripting Guy” in case you didn’t know!) and he asked me if I can write an article about it. I gladly accepted. The article was published on May 12th but I didn’t get chance to let my readers know on this blog. So here it is. You can read the article on Hey, Scripting Guy blog.

I decided to make it beginner friendly as I figured they are the ones who can benefit the most from what I saw when rating the scripts. It was so much to write than can fit in a single article. So we have decided to make it a series of articles on Hey, Scripting Guy blog. Look forward to more articles in series in coming weeks.

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