Yes, you heard it right! KEMP Technologies provides a great load balancer for all workloads that can benefit from high availability. Today, it is making the Virtual LoadMaster (VLM) appliance available at no cost, even for production use!

The free load balancer is a great offering for Development, Testing and Pre-Production environments. The free version is also supported for use in production!

One of the use cases that strikes a chord with me is when I used to deliver trainings that needed use of load balancing. The training environment consists of virtual machines that are built for specific training and are destroyed immediately after. Why would I want to go through hassle of activation and licensing process when the use is short lived? You can just download free VLM instead and deploy it without having to call anyone. The only requirement is internet connection and valid KEMP ID. Your copy of free VLM will be activated and tied to your KEMP ID. You get 30 day license which automatically renews as long as it can connect to KEMP’s licensing system.

Since this is the same code base as commercial release of VLM, it goes through same rigors of quality assurance and benefits from existing documentation and templates that adhere to strict quality controls and vendor certification requirements.

Ain’t that wonderful? Why wait? Get yours today, from