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Free Load Balancer, wait what?

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Yes, you heard it right! KEMP Technologies provides a great load balancer for all workloads that can benefit from high availability. Today, it is making the Virtual LoadMaster (VLM) appliance available at no cost, even for production use! The free load balancer is a great offering for Development, Testing and Pre-Production environments. The free version is also supported for use in production! One of the use cases that strikes a chord with me is when I used to deliver trainings that needed use of load balancing. The training environment consists…read more


How to protect your KEMP LoadMaster and applications from Heartbleed bug

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If you haven’t read about heartbleed bug, it’s pretty serious one you should know about. In a nutshell it exploits OpenSSL vulnerability to read system memory of computers/machines/applicances protedted by affected versions of OpenSSL. This means a hacker can steal your encryption keys as well as see unencrypted form of traffic that was encrypted. Talk about passwords, credit cards, any information you deemed secure and trusted only to an SSL connection! You can read whole lot of gory details here: If you are users of KEMP LoadMaster, you should…read more


Introducing LoadMaster for Windows Azure

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As an individual responsible for product research, it is part of my job to be on the lookout for developing trends and new opportunities where our products can deliver value. When I started looking at Windows Azure IaaS offering, it became obvious that we had great opportunity as Microsoft Partners to complement the platform with what customers are asking for and Windows Azure doesn’t offer out of the box. Today, I am very excited announce availability for LoadMaster for Azure. LoadMaster for Azure is first product of its kind to run in…read more


How to load balance Office Web Apps Server 2013 farm

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In my previous post, I showed how to create an Office Web Apps Server 2013 farm. Since I can’t leave you hanging, I am going to show you the next step of setting up a load balancer for the same. I assume you have created DNS entry for and pointed it to virtual service you are about to create on your load balancer. Ofcourse, I am going to show only KEMP load balancer setup, but I trust your intelligence and ability to translate this for other load balancer you…read more


How to setup Office Web Apps Server 2013 farm

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If you are deploying Lync Server 2013 and want to present Powerpoint presentations in Web Conferencing, Office Web Apps Server is a requirement. Most references I found talks about deploying a single server, however, I wanted to deploy redundant setup. In today’s post, I’m going to show you how to setup the farm. The assumption here is that you have already run Office Web Apps Server setup. The Office Web Apps Server setup is relatively straight forward next, next, finish type. All configuration must be done after setup is complete….read more


What’s new in LoadMaster release 7.0-4

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LoadMaster firmware 7.0-4 just became generally available from KEMP Technologies. For those who aren’t aware, LoadMaster is load balancing and application delivery controller product from KEMP Technologies. I in particular am very excited about this release for a few reasons: Edge Security Pack: This firmware is first release of Edge Security Pack (ESP) that we announced late last year. It brings numerous features from TMG really focused and relevant to Load Balancing functionality we provide. Think Pre-Authentication, Single Sign On across virtual services and so on. To add to it,…read more