How do I measure how long a command took to run in PowerShell?

So this one might be pretty simple you say, just use measure-command right? But what if I already ran the command and didn’t time it? What if it took really […]

PowerShell script to report uptime

UPDATED – Fixed issues reporting boottime. 3/20/2012 I was reading Hey, Scripting Guy! article “Calculating Server Uptime” and decided to write a script that can do the same. While the […]

How to convert a word document to other formats using PowerShell

I recently borrowed a Sony Reader Touch Edition from someone I know to try it out. As I started using Sony’s own library manager, I quickly got bored. I then […]

Deceiving scopes of variables in a function

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Script to configure static ports on Exchange Server 2010

This post is depricated. Please use newer version of script and read more details here: If you are planning to implement or are implementing Exchange Server 2010, you may […]

How to install Update Rollups remotely on Exchange 2010 server

If you are like me, you are always looking for ways to not leave your chair, or for that matter, not switch windows. When it comes to install Update Rollups […]