Get-Service StartupType

If you want to find out startup type of a service using Get-Service cmdlet, you are out of luck. Get-Service cmdlet does not have StartupType property. Set-Service however does. So […]

Measure script run time

When I am writing PowerShell scripts, one thing that is always in my mind: How long will it take to run this script and what can I do to reduce […]

How do I check Rollup Update version on Exchange 2007 server?

This is one question that gets asked around many times! The article “Exchange Server 2007: Platforms, Editions and Versions” gives important information to identify the build numbers for each Rollup […]

Corrupt or Missing Performance Counters

One of the functions in the code I posted in “Check Exchange 2003 vitals with PowerShell” is to check performance counters. When running the script, you may encounter an error: […]

Check Exchange 2003 vitals with PowerShell – Part II

In continuation to my previous post “Check Exchange 2003 vitals with PowerShell”, I also have a code block that you can replace if you want to query all exchange servers […]

Check Exchange 2003 vitals with PowerShell

I have written recently about Free System PTEs and /PAE usage in Exchange 2003 mailbox servers. I set out to write a PowerShell script that will run against given list […]

Force Mount-Database

I wanted to mount All mailbox databases from all servers that had them. This was a scenario where I had servers recovered with no DB files. I did not need […]