Deceiving scopes of variables in a function

I was recently troubleshooting a script when I came across a problem where a variable with defined scope was not retaining its value even though scope seemed correct. Let’s look […]

Script to configure static ports on Exchange Server 2010

This post is depricated. Please use newer version of script and read more details here: If you are planning to implement or are implementing Exchange Server 2010, you may […]

How to install Update Rollups remotely on Exchange 2010 server

If you are like me, you are always looking for ways to not leave your chair, or for that matter, not switch windows. When it comes to install Update Rollups […]

Script to enable preview pane for PowerShell scripts

If you are running Windows 7, you probably know what preview pane is. And if you use PowerShell and create ps1 scripts, you may also wonder how can you enable […]

Send a Tweet from PowerShell

While I chose to keep this article here for archiving, Please note that this doesn’t work anymore. Twitter API has since changed and what used to work, doesn’t anymore. I […]

PowerShell Variables and scopes

I was helping someone with a profile script. The script is supposed to connect to a remote Exchange 2010 server using PowerShell v2.0 when it is launched. The script had […]

How do I check Update Rollup version on Exchange 20xx Server?

UPDATED: Feb 26, 2014, updated script to accommodate Exchange 2013 Now that Update Rollup for Exchange Server 2010 is available, I have updated my previous script to check for Update […]

Script to install Exchange 2010 pre-requisites for Windows Server 2008 R2

Even though installing pre-requisites on Windows Server 2008 R2 is simple and straight forward as described here, it makes it even faster if you were to use a script to […]

How to bypass confirmation prompts for Managed Folder Policy

When you try to apply managed mailbox folder policy to a mailbox using set-mailbox, you would run a command like this:   set-mailbox -identity mailboxA -ManagedFolderMailboxPolicy "MFPolicy"   This would […]

Exchange 2007 PowerShell Scripts – What would you like to script?

I am always thinking about how can I script/automate tasks I have to do repeatedly or I see others ask for. I would like to go a step beyond. I […]