Mythbusters–Exchange Server 2010 and PowerShell Remoting

A misconception that WinRM listener needs to be configured in order to be able to connect to Exchange Server 2010 had popped up a couple times in my conversations recently […]

Microsoft Exchange 2010 PowerShell Cookbook Review

Disclaimer: I am not paid to write about this book and the review written here is my own view. I was recently contacted by Packt Publishing about their recently published […]

Why does catch not catch?

I ran into an interesting discussion with my customer today.  He was writing a code block that looked like the following: Try { Get-MailboxServer Bogus } Catch { “Mailbox server […]

Exchange Team Blog Mobile and PowerShell Error Handling

I admit the two topics don’t have anything in common except both has something to do with me. That’s why they are both being talked about in same post! So […]

How to revert changes made by Enable-PSRemoting?

Have you ever been in a situation where you have PowerShell Remoting enabled and you need to put the configuration back the way it was before Enable-PSRemoting was run? While […]

Every good thing must come to an end…

And before you get a shock from the title, let me clarify, all I am talking about is PowerShell Scripting Games 2011. I had a privilege of being one of […]

Using PowerShell to look up USCF member info

If you are one of the chess players who play rated USCF (United States Chess Federation) games, you may have used their look up tool to find someone’s rating and […]

How do I measure how long a command took to run in PowerShell?

So this one might be pretty simple you say, just use measure-command right? But what if I already ran the command and didn’t time it? What if it took really […]

PowerShell script to report uptime

UPDATED – Fixed issues reporting boottime. 3/20/2012 I was reading Hey, Scripting Guy! article “Calculating Server Uptime” and decided to write a script that can do the same. While the […]

How to convert a word document to other formats using PowerShell

I recently borrowed a Sony Reader Touch Edition from someone I know to try it out. As I started using Sony’s own library manager, I quickly got bored. I then […]