Using PowerShell to look up USCF member info

If you are one of the chess players who play rated USCF (United States Chess Federation) games, you may have used their look up tool to find someone’s rating and […]

How do I measure how long a command took to run in PowerShell?

So this one might be pretty simple you say, just use measure-command right? But what if I already ran the command and didn’t time it? What if it took really […]

Who is a PFE?

Have you ever wondered what kind of animal a PFE is? If you are a Microsoft Premier customer and have a dedicated PFE, you know exactly what I am talking […]

PowerShell script to report uptime

UPDATED – Fixed issues reporting boottime. 3/20/2012 I was reading Hey, Scripting Guy! article “Calculating Server Uptime” and decided to write a script that can do the same. While the […]

Comparison of Outlook 2010 and OWA features

I see many asking for comparison between Outlook 2010 and OWA with Exchange Server 2010 mailbox. While I did not have time lately with my commitments and travel, I came […]

Deep Zoom Role Posters for Exchange 2010

Many of you may already have seen the post on Microsoft Exchange Team Blog announcing the availability of Exchange 2010 Architecture poster. you may also have seen Transport Architecture Diagrams […]