Exchange Team Blog Mobile and PowerShell Error Handling

I admit the two topics don’t have anything in common except both has something to do with me. That’s why they are both being talked about in same post! So […]

How are y’all?

Yes it has been few very interestingly busy weeks. Unusual for amount of travel I have been doing. Being dedicated PFE, I am not required to travel this much. But […]

Couldn’t find public folder on Exchange 2010 server?

Head over to my Mr. Proactive post here: Originally posted at

How to revert changes made by Enable-PSRemoting?

Have you ever been in a situation where you have PowerShell Remoting enabled and you need to put the configuration back the way it was before Enable-PSRemoting was run? While […]

Every good thing must come to an end…

And before you get a shock from the title, let me clarify, all I am talking about is PowerShell Scripting Games 2011. I had a privilege of being one of […]

All Exchange 2010 network communications in a diagram

Today, Michel de Rooij posted an update to his Exchange 2010 SP1 Network ports diagram. You can find it here. This is a great resource if you ever need to […]